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IELTS Practice | Describe this | TV Trailer

What's going on here?

  • Usually, in the "What's going on here?" series, I pick articles or videos that discuss a certain topic, activity, or person. This time we're doing something different. Watch this trailer, and then think about the questions below. You can also watch the trailer again for a better understanding. Then, I invite you to write your answers in the comment section below.

Description Questions:

  1. Based on the trailer, how would you summarise Only Murders in the Building? Think about the main story, the setting, the characters. Think also about the potential ending. Write 3-5 sentences.

  2. How do you think this show will end?

  3. Based on the trailer, who is your favourite character?

  4. Do you enjoy crime-related TV series/sitcoms/documentaries? What is the most exciting thing about them?

  5. Why do you think people enjoy watching crime-related shows?

Useful Vocabulary & Structures :

  • In summary, this show is about...

  • I think this show is about...

  • The trailer is very short, but I understand that this show is about...

  • There are ____ main characters...

  • I predict/foresee that the show will end...

  • educational

  • entertaining

  • uncommon/interesting/weird/not normal

  • different lives/lifestyle

What are your thoughts on these questions and the video?

Leave your comments down below!



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