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What is Nimble & Poised?

Learning a language is like going on a journey, it takes time and can be challenging.

The good news? With the right strategy, mindset, and guidance, you can make it an enjoyable one.

At Nimble & Poised, we

  1. summarise news articles and videos in a digestible and organised manner so that you can gain knowledge about a wide variety of topics in a shorter amount of time.

  2.  highlight important details and useful vocabulary from each article.

  3.  provide you with discussion questions that prepare you for your English exams and train your conversational skills.

We know that English language learners progress further and faster by approaching English through a myriad of topics that interest them.

Learners gain more confidence to speak and write about different topics, ideas, and opinions when they learn to do the same in a controlled environment with the right materials and guidance.

Being able to truly express yourself in English is powerful and it unlocks many opportunities, that is what Nimble & Poised wants to help you achieve.

There is no short cut, but we can make the journey enjoyable.

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