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Team Sports for Body & Brains

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

What's going on here?

  • Exercise is great for your body and mind, but team sports may provide additional benefits. If you can find a team and sport that matches your interests, there are psychological benefits to reap, such as adopting a growth mindset, learning to work together as a team, and developing a greater commitment to regular exercise.


  • There are all sorts of benefits to exercise such as strengthening our bones, lowering cholesterol, decreasing the risk of stroke and high blood pressure.

  • Exercise can release endorphins which help to regulate your mood, sharpen your focus, and boost your memory.

  • A runner's high is a feeling of euphoria or happiness that can occur after an intense workout.

  • One of the biggest long-term benefits of team sports is the development of resilience and self-awareness that you can use to manage different types of challenges at school, work, and in your personal life.

Useful Vocabulary:

  • managing hurdles

  • growth mindset

  • euphoria

  • decreasing the risk of

  • regulate mood

  • sharpen focus

Discussion Questions:

  1. After watching the video, would you try to join a team sport soon i.e. next month, this year? Why or why not?

  2. In your opinion, which of the benefits mentioned in the video can also be attained through individual sports?

  3. Which of the long-term benefits of team sports is the most important for you? Why?

  4. Look at the section on "Useful Vocabulary." Which 2 phrases do you want to use the most? Can you make 2 sentences with them and share them in the comment section?

What are your thoughts on these questions and the video?

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