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Sculptures Protecting Marine Life

1. What's going on here?

There is an underwater ecomuseum in the waters of Saint Marguerite Island (close to Cannes, France) and it features 6 sculptures made from PH neutral materials. These sculptures are intended to direct more marine life back to this area by creating a protective area for them. Here, they can breed, create homes, and take shelter from predators and strong currents.

2. Highlights

- The 6 sculptures look like masks. The masks are modelled after local residents of all ages, including an 80-year-old fisherman and a nine-year-old school pupil.

- The sculptures are located in an empty area surrounded by Neptune grass (aka Mediterranean tapeweed).

- Jason deCaires Taylor is the sculptor behind these ocean-friendly artworks. He has undertaken similar projects in the waters of Oslo, Norway, and Granada Spain.

- deCaires Taylor believes that the sea at large is important and beautiful and encourages people to look beyond beautiful coral reefs. For him, lesser-known underwater sea areas are also ecologically diverse and have a lot to offer.

- Sea squirts and mussels attached to these sculptures can also clean polluted waters.

- The artist's other sculpture project has seen a 200% increase in biomass and has protected the seabeds from strong underwater currents.

“Generally, my aim is to change our relationship, how we see the sea.”

Jason deCaires Taylor

3. Useful Vocabulary

  • PH neutral materials

  • protective spaces for ______

  • finely-balanced ecosystem

  • human activity

  • generate oxygen

  • modelled on/after

  • obscured by

4. Discussion Questions

  • In your opinion, are the sculptures an effective way to solve problems faced by Saint Margeurite underwater eco-system? Why or Why not?

  • Should more contemporary artists create artworks that solve environmental issues? Or should art exist for art-sake?

  • What are the strengths and limitations of these sculptures?

  • What are some other environmental issues that concern the ocean? Do you think these sculptures can solve those issues?

What are your thoughts on these questions and the article?

Leave your comments down below!

Read More Here

  • Euronews, "Underwater Museum Is Protecting Marine Life In The Mediterranean Sea."


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