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Meghan Markle Wins High Court Privacy Claim

1. What's going on here?

Meghan Markle won her High Court Privacy claim against Associated Newspapers, which publishes The Mail on Sunday and Mail Online. The two news platforms had quoted and published excerpts from a private letter written by Markle to her father without her expressed consent. A judge ruled in favour of Duchess of Sussex on Thursday, February 11, 2021.

2. Highlights

  • Judge Mark Warby oversaw the claim, and provided the following statement to explain his ruling:

"The claimant had a reasonable expectation that the contents of the Letter would remain private. The Mail Articles interfered with that reasonable expectation."

Judge Mark Warby

  • The Mail published excerpts from the letter over multiple articles.

  • The Duchess legal team was suing the newspapers for breach of privacy, which includes copyright infringement, misuse of private information, and breach of the U.K.'s Data Protection Act.

  • Duchess Meghan Markle will not need to appear in court to argue that the publication of her letter was an infringement of her privacy.

  • Since it is an indisputable win, the next hearing will only concern the damages that Associated Newspapers need to pay the Duchess of Sussex.

  • There will most likely be no trial unless someone wants to stake a claim to a portion of the damages.

  • The Duchess's team was confident in their case and wanted it to be determined on a summary basis:

“We do not believe that the defense’s case has chance of succeeding, and do not believe there is a compelling reason for trial."

A Source Close to Meghan Markle

3. Useful Vocabulary

  • summary ruling/basis - a judgement passed without a trial, typically summarily

  • initially delayed

  • misuse of ______

  • infringed her privacy

  • ran excerpts

  • released a statement

4. Discussion Questions

  • In your opinion, what is the most important thing about this privacy claim victory?

  • How would you have responded if you were in Meghan Markle's shoes? Would you have taken similar steps? Why or why not?

  • Are you familiar with the privacy laws in your country? Why or why not?

  • How much about yourself do you share with those around you, i.e. colleagues, friends, family? What about your online presence?

What are your thoughts on these questions and the article?

Leave your comments down below!

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