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10 Years in Power: Larry the Cat

What's going on here?

Larry the Cat, also known as the Number 10 Cat celebrates 10 years of office on Monday, 15th February 2021. He held the position of Britain's Chief Mouser for the past decade and carries out his "duties" in his No. 10 Downing street dwelling. He shares the residence with the UK Prime Minister.


- The position of Chief Mouser was created to give recognition to the Number 10 Cat, who is responsible for pest control in the Prime Minister's home.

- Stalwart ratter Humphrey, held the position until he retired in 1997.

- Prior to taking office, Larry was a rescue cat living Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

- Larry has worked under 3 different Prime Minister, including James Cameron, Theresa May, and Boris Johnson.

- Larry has met numerous politicians from all over the world when the come to visit the UK Prime Minister

- Larry is generally unfriendly towards men, but he didn't seem to mind President Barack Obama

- He has a frenemy; Palmerston, the Foreign Office Chief Mouser.


“It seems like only yesterday that Larry came to our cattery as a stray in need of a home. I don’t think anyone back then could have imagined just how incredible his life would turn out to be."

Lindsey Quinlan, from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

“A much-beloved member of the No 10 team, Larry plays a vital role as chief mouser and in delighting staff and the public alike with his playful antics.”

A No. 10 spokesperson

Useful Vocabulary:

- melt the hearts (of)

- potential security threat

- upstage

- prowling (the corridors of political power)

- caught in a scuffle

Famous Videos of Larry:

Discussion Questions:

1. The main responsibility of the Chief mouser is pest control. However, Larry has definitely done a lot more. In your opinion, what other roles does Larry play for the Number 10 Staff, UK residences, and the international audience? Are these additional roles important?

2. Would you like to see a similar initiative taking place in your country's Head Office? Why or why not?

3. In your opinion, what's the most important role that animals play in our society? Why?

What are your thoughts on these questions and the article?

Leave your comments down below!

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